Camping Bergamini

Food and Wine

We are in the land of Lugana and Bardolino wine, and of the famous "Garda” DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil with ancient traditions.

Here some “must”:

  • “Garda” DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
  • Lugana DOC, Custoza DOC, Bardolino DOC, Soave DOC, Valpolicella DOC, Amarone 
  • Veronese Apple, Verona IGP nectarines peaches, Lessinia 'Misso' pear, Monte Baldo black truffle
  • Nano Vialone Veronese rice, Verona red chicory, Verona strawberry
  • Vicenza soppressa, Verona soppressa
  • Vicenza-style stockfish, polenta, Valeggio tortellino, mostarda or pickled fruit, pearà

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