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We have carefully followed the current health sityuation and we immediately committed to reorganizing our reception, together with our staff, to welcome you in total safety.

Our level of cleanliness, always highly appreciated by our guests, has been scrupulously redefined by applying:

  • The guidelines of the World Health Organization
  • The specific procedures for the hospitality sector (or tourism) by collaborating with trade associations

We list you a summary of the procedures that we apply in our structure, constantly implemented according to the official provisions.

  • All accommodation, toilets, common areas are sanitized with specific products for medical and surgical supervision and with machines certified for the level of safety required by the WHO
  • All accommodations are sanitized at each change and there is a register that certifies their sanitization
  • Our staff has been specially trained for the correct use of products, machines and the behavior to be adopted
  • Our staff is equipped with all the PPE necessary to carry out their work in total safety
  • The toilets are treated with specific products and we have implemented the number of checks
  • The swimming pool is treated with products that cancel the bacterial load
  • The sunbeds are placed with space and sanitized at each change
  • In the common areas, specific hand sanitizer are available
  • We take care of all contact points with the utmost attention
  • Masks, disposable disinfectants and protective devices are available for guests
  • Check-in and check-out procedures are quick and in the open air (weather permitting)
  • We are organized to deliver our takeaway menu to your pitch or accommodation
  • Our “Pepe e Zucchero” bar has been reorganized with adequate space between the tables

We will maintain this high safety standard also thanks to your help. We will continue to enjoy our breathtaking view, the walk along the lake in the open air, and the safe territory that we can live, even through the application of simple rules. It will be a holiday, as always, with “lake view” and with all the affection we have reserved for you since 1954. We will embrace each other with our eyes, with the empathy we always have!

We ask you only three things:

  • Follow the procedures that you will be asked to on arrival to which we are already accustomed (distancing, hand washing, etc.) wherever you are
  • Notify us in case of discomfort, as you have always done even before this emergency, by phone or via whatsapp number +39 3480 718373
  • Proceed to check in online to speed up your entry. We are available by phone or email or whatsapp to give you all the information you need to help you proceed.

Our cancellation policies are flexible and we are available for your requests.

In case of cancellations after the date of our cancellation policy, the possibility of changing the date or voucher for the 2021 season may be proposed.

We will therefore continue to welcome you to our campsite on the shores of Lake Garda. We are sure of the level of security that we can guarantee and the safety of our territory.