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Over the last 10 years, we have focused all our attention on the environment.

We want our "footprint" in this world to be as light as possible. Since 2020 we have been part of the Garda Green Circle, which, after a careful analysis of our structure, has recognised us as an eco-camping on Lake Garda, with a score of 120.5/155.
Since 2020 we have saved 517,651 kg of CO2! This is equivalent to going around the world 64 times by car.


  1. An eco-compactor for plastic and cans is at your disposal
  2. We are plastic-free oriented: In our “Pepe & Zucchero” bar we have reduced the use of plastic as much as possible!
  3. We provide thermal water bottles to all our staff to avoid the use of plastic bottles.
  4. With your help, we separate our waste properly. In 2022, we  have recycled more than 70 per cent. Together we can protect the environment and make recycling possible.
  5. We provide the waste separation kit: the bags you need and the instructions you need to follow.


  1. We reduce CO2 emissions by using 100% TÜV certified energy from renewable sources.
  2. We generate 70% of the electricity we use with our 3 photovoltaic systems and our brand new micro-CHP power plant.
  3. Our 2 solar thermal plants produce hot water that covers 85% of our needs.
  4. We monitor all our plants with a control and management system that, thanks to advanced software, allows us to measure and optimise consumption in real time.
  5. We have installed smart thermostats in the bungalows to always have the best temperature with the least energy waste and CO2 savings
  6. Our charging station allows the charging of electric vehicles (cars and e-bikes).
  7. The pool water is heated by an advanced system.


  1. Water flow reducers, in all holiday homes and in the toilet building, allow us to use water consciously
  2. We avoid the dispersion of air conditioning through the innovative sensors for opening doors and windows in the bungalows
  3. We safeguard our secular trees, invaluable living creatures
  4. We make ecological architectural choices with environmentally friendly construction
  5. We use 100% biodegradable cleaning products
  6. We have protected our area from magnetic and electrosmog fields thanks to cutting edge silicon biomagnets.


  1. Flow reducers in all accommodation and toilets provide less than 4 litres of water per minute to protect this important resource
  2. Refill station for micro-filtered drinking water is available to guests and all staff free of charge
  3. All irrigation is controlled by timed controllers with a drip system
  4. Double button to limit water consumption in our toilets.

In our campsite your holiday turns green.
With the points accumulated on the Garda Green Card you can immediately get numerous benefits

Some examples:

  • Access to the network of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Lunches and dinners in the restaurants of the Garda Green Club hotels
  • Bike, sailing or boat experiences with the possibility of guided tours

At the reception we will be available for card activation and for more information.
At your departure we will provide you with a real environmental impact certificate showing the CO2 and primary resources saved during your stay