In 1954, on the still wild shores of Lake Garda, for a lucky joke of destiny, (but this is another story which is worth telling orally), a small camping site was founded on the shore, between the cane thickets and the unspoilt beach, to welcome the first tourists from northern Europe with their tents. The name Bergamini derives from the fishermen's village which since ancient times had established itself in this area. At the beginning of this “adventure” everything was left to the spontaneous behaviour of the local people and to the spirit of cooperation of the guests, happy to be here and enchanted by the panorama of the wonderful lake set between the mountains descending into the water and with the sky as a background. In a short time, thanks to the powerful marketing media of the time…word of mouth, the small camping site gradually became a reference point and a desired destination for holidays in the southern part of the lake.

This year is our 65° Anniversary and thanks to our Family Beltrami Gregori and our Staff, Camping Bergamini is still a jewel between the mountain and the lake, renovated every year with many news and a greatest and only sense of history.

NEWS 2020

The heated pool, with an ideal temperature from spring to autumn.
The renovated Concept Bar, with a terrace with a breathtaking view of the beach and the Lake Garda.
New technologies for renewable energy.


Why choose us?

Our camping ground can be found right on the lake’s shore, surrounded by green spaces, and close to all services. The small area makes the camping ground both child and adult friendly.

  • Position
    The camping ground is situated on the lake’s bank, overlooking the beach. It is moreover located next to the lake promenade to the old town centre of Peschiera.
  • Tranquillity
    Far from noisy and overcrowded places, it is near to the rustle of the waves.
  • Nature
    The camping ground is drowned by green nature, where different kinds of trees and flowers can be appreciated.
  • Size
    The camping ground is of limited measures, all our services being quick and easy.
  • Safety
    The camping ground is both adult and child friendly . Therefore everything can be easily kept under control.

Not to be missed

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over 65 years of experience


SQM of green oasis


meters of prime lakefront


meters from the beach


We are glad to show you some pictures, so that you can already start daydreaming your fantastic holidays in our little and comfortable camp site.

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